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integrated solutionsOur enControl™ IoT service platform is designed to deliver new services for energy management, remote security and building automation. It’s modular design offers the flexibility and functionality that meets users’ changing requirements for managing their resources. We work closely with our partners to develop a complete solution that ensures a delightful user experience.


We understand what it takes to successfully develop and launch a new service. That’s why we have created strategic partnerships with technology providers throughout the value chain so we can deliver a complete package - a scalable, cost-effective IoT service platform, a range of devices plus end-to-end support.

Following the rules

Our Middleware solutions respond to legislative directives, such as energy consumption and management, health, safety, and lone working regulations.

Utility companies in the Electricity, Water and Gas area are increasingly understanding and controlling their users´ consumption through smart metering, and in the automotive industry vehicle initiatives such as e-call will drive ongoing growth within the M2M market.

Proactive Support Tools

We offer services that make the day by day easier; enControl prevents situations that might work against the user such as a high energy bill caused by a malfunctioning appliance.

Through the live broadcast of information and data relating to the performance within a home or an office we can ensure fulfillment of goals in critical areas such as protection of assets, energy efficiency, lone worker care, equipment performance, basically anything that effects the integrity of people and facilities.


Secure data exchange

We never underestimate the importance for data to flow securely, especially within applications managing sensitive information from users involving usage habits or security .

Encryption, password authentication and firewall/anti-virus techniques can be combined to prevent security breaches, and sophisticated management capabilities make administering security measures even across large numbers of devices relatively seamless


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