Partner's Program

The Partner Program of Sensing&Control has been created with the aim of expanding our strategic alliances and supply chain offering with higher value-added products. This initiative has been created as part of the growth plan designed by Sensing & Control, where we understand that profitability exists as a central hub for more and better joint ventures. The plan will enable partners to benefit through a preferential positioning of commercial business tools and techniques over the competition through promotional access to the product solutions of Sensing & Control.

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Partner Types

Sensing & Control offers four categories of Partnerships to which we invite you to join. Each category is designed to create the optimal relationship according to the Partner’s abilities and potential. The members are divided into Master Agent (MA) who has the exclusive rights for distribution, Strategic Allies (SA) who resell our services, Authorized Agents (AA) who offers our services to their clients and Sponsors (Sp) who promote our services through select marketing channels. Note that our partners can belong to more than one category.

Retain your customers

We continue to develop features for our users to help improve system integrity, simplify operation and management, reduce operating costs allways striving to generate additional income.

The S&C Web platform allows Partners (Resellers) to offer their customers options to securely manage their own database of users as well as to configure custom activity reports directly from a standard web browser.

End customers will experience a seamless solution without interruptions or need for manual page loads, the Partner (Reseller) will have the ability to perform service tests on the platform, gain critical usage statistics and perform services remotely.

The scalability of the solution will allow you to grow from a few users to thousands of users seamlessly and transparently.

Win new customers

Retain CustomersThe flexibility of our solutions will allow you to effectively gain new customers. Installation times in the client's offices will be reduced as the configuration is done remotely and will be based on templates.

The time and cost of installation (wiring) will be reduced as access controls and alarms are integrated into wireless sensors.

Our platform is an integrated tool, which means that nSecur is able to operate with our automation tool and enControl solution, allowing for example remote switching of lights or to send a notification if a machine begins to malfunction.


The Partner program promotes collaborative relationships consistently and over the long term with service providers, manufacturers and distributors of hardware, integrators and installers of telematic and technological solutions, suppliers (providers) of services, wholesale services, advisory and consulting firms.

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Business Resources

  • Assigning of a sales contact for account management and communication between the companies.
  • Opportunity Assessment and projects acquisition.
  • Shared commercial Campaigns.
  • Participation in joint activities and special events.
  • Joint publication of news and updates.
  • Sales and marketing tools.
  • Tools and back office support.
  • Inclusion in Sensing&Control's partner listing under Business Ally category.
  • Integration of any additional, needed hardware to Sensing & Control solutions.
  • Use of Emblems and logos of Sensing&Control.
  • Commercial training on Hardware/Software complementary to the solution.

Technical Resources

  • Special prices and favorable terms.
  • Technical Documentation.
  • Optional solution training course
  • Technical support for specialised Integration.
  • Communication of new integration tools.
  • Management of special projects.



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