Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Environments

smart city greenRoughly 80% of the population in developed countries lives in built urban areas, while in developing countries the rate of urbanization is quickly catching up. These dense concentrations of people have a need for products and services that improve the quality of life for citizens in a sustainable manner.

Connected communications devices, such as smartphones and sensors, are becoming more and more pervasive, transforming buildings and cities into “data factories”. nvision is involved in a number of projects that focus on developing innovative methods for collecting, organizing and analyzing this data in order to create added-value for all types of stakeholders.

Natural Design

nVision has development and systems integration specialisation providing a full range of business and operational support solutions for high impact Industrial and Smart City engagement tools. The company has particular expertise in human natural design and development.

nVision has a mission to “socialize” ICT tools by incorporating the right “bundle” of socio-economic and motivational incentives to ensure user adoption and acceptance. Having worked for several years in the application of solutions within the Internet Of Things market, nVision creates ways to gain real user acceptance and uptake of such solutions through these targeted socio-economic motivational incentives. The principal target application market is the energy domain, but equally nVision has experience in and applies such solutions to the healthcare market.

Natural Interface Core

nVision has a key technology called ‘natural interface core’ that is a very flexible interface presentation and development environment allowing for fast prototyping of interface concepts and ideas across web browsers. nVision has used this technology in the development of several commercial client projects.

Control Panel


Smart Sensors

We have expertise in developing firmware for the seamless integration of sensors to internet gateways and upper level software. Targeting standards and open platforms we are working towards providing infrastructure and solutions for the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Future Internet’ that are rapidly becoming a reality. We have developed various IOT platforms, as well as custom sensing solutions. For example, our work has included development of the gateway, firmware and software for a low-cost, floor-based, people and object tracker used for calculating the occupancy in a building.

People and Asset Tracking

smart trackingWe believe in really extending the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things through natural usage and natural linkage with the environment. For example, organizations with multiple machines and vehicles have a need for more effective ways of monitoring the location of these assets. Likewise, a number of industries are looking for improved systems that can track employees and send alerts when someone enters an unauthorized area, or that can alter air-conditioning levels based on occupancy. We have deployed indoor asset tracking solutions in Airports and Hospitals and our Engineers continue creating seamless, human-centric solutions to meet this infrastructural need.



National Projects

nVision is active in the following National Projects:

PREMIA: Platform for the reduction of Energy through incentives and automatic learning

logo premiaPREMIA is a system aiming to deliver a combination of next generation sensory devices and platforms, including Artificial Intelligence and Serious Gaming concepts at a low cost.

It is a system that will allow the user to become the centre of the solution: whilst PREMIA´s Artificial Intelligence provides advanced data analysis to indicate areas for maximum energy saving, it is being crafted to encourage the active role of the consumer to coach changes in habits through the achievement of challenges and incentives.

The Project is formed with a Consortium of three partners. Lead by nVision Systems and Technologies S.L. and with the active participation of Sensing & Control Sytems S.L. and Eurecat, it has been funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad under filling No. RTC-2015-3784-3 and will run for two years having begun in October of 2015.


logo invisumINVISUM is developing an advanced and comprehensive security system, oriented to the analysis and categorization of multimedia content that addresses the limitations of scalability and flexibility of current video surveillance systems whilst incorporating new techniques of compression, pattern detection and decision support. It uses advanced architectures that optimize the infrastructure and associated resources to maximize system efficiency. This project forms part of the security challenge and seeks to provide a solution based on the development of a smart sensing solution together with information processing in the cloud. The final aim is to present to the end user correct and needed high-level information. On the business level, INVISUM seeks to provide a complete video monitoring solution that will adjust to the complexities of differing environments, providing commercial solutions for a growing marketing.

The project is being developed by a consortium of four partners. Lead by Innovati Networks, SL with the active participation of nVision Systems and Technologies S.L., Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It has been funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad under filling No. RTC-2014-2346-8.

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